Stanley Ho
" Bhutan - The Land of The Thunder Dragon is indeed has its charm and personality that no other countries can emulate. It is distinctively unique in its own way. You can't help but fall in love so deeply and passionately with Bhutan once you visit this beautiful country. I had found my happiness here, have you? I guarantee that special word called happiness is waiting for you to receive. Enjoy Bhutan, my friend! "
Kelzang Nima
" Yes, I do recommend because the package through #Drukair Holidays is simply the best "
Jia Qi
" It was a really great trip to Bhutan. The serenity and quiet condition gave us chance to absorb the lovely landscapes and furthermore time to do some self-reflection "
Angela Teo
" We had an incredible time at Bhutan! We truly valued the kindness of the people, the smile of the kids, overall the general quietness and joy, just the whole of Bhutan is wonderful! "
Jude Yong
" We owed a great deal of our enjoyment to our outstanding guide, whose passion for Bhutan enabled us to learn and appreciate the culture of Bhutan, teaching us a lot of the custom and culture of his country. "